It’s about the cars, not the babes

Looking for a car/van/bike club which is just that little bit different?  Well here’s three reasons why us at Modified Performance think you have just arrived in the right place.

Many car clubs, or even the members, these days seem to think that having some babe sprawled across a car is compulsory.  However, at Modified Performance we know that this isn’t the case.A true car enthusiast or car nut will know that it’s about the cars (or whatever vehicle), not the woman all over it.  This is what us at Modified Performance believe in and will always stand by our no babe policy regardless of how many times we get told we need ‘babes’.

We also believe that it doesn’t matter what vehicle you have, whether it’s a car, bike or van, you are just as welcome as anyone else.  We don’t mind what condition the vehicle is in or even if you don’t own one.  Infact we are very keen to see you on our forums as long as you have a love of vehicles and having a laugh!

Our third and final believe is that you shouldn’t be restricted due to where you live.  Although we are based in West Sussex we always have and always will want everyone from all over the world.

History of Modified Performance (MP)

Modified Performance has also been known as NL Modded and Modified South

Modified Performance was originally known as NL Modded and was the original club set up back in 2005, based purely as a forum, which never sadly picked up. On 20th June 2006 it was decided that a second/new car club/website would be created, given a name related to the owner’s new location and there Modified South was born.

As the web site began to grow with new members signing up from various locations around the globe with standard and performance cars as well as modified ones it was decided that it was no longer fair to call it just ‘Modified South’. It was then that the name ‘Modified Performance’ was born. The idea was that it would attract more than just modified cars and more people would be encouraged to join as they no longer felt they weren’t welcome due to not living in the South of England. It was decided that ‘Modified South’ would be phased out and that the club would be known as ‘Modified Performance’ as it is today.

Modified Performance is owned and run by Gemma Lovell, also known as GemSTer, with the help of a select few dedicated members who help out with show stand organisation.

Modified Performance appreciates the support all the members (some of which have sadly passed away such as Rich) have given over the years and hopes that they will continue to support the club.